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The administrative, social and economic structures
of the Island of Rhodes under Hospitaller Rule:
the Countryside of Rhodes 1306-1421

This research project, undertaken by the late Julian Chrysostomides, Dr Anthony T. Luttrell, Mr Michael Heslop and Dr Gregory O'Malley, investigates the administrative, social and economic structures of the island of Rhodes in the first century of the Knights Hospitaller rule. The mainly unpublished source material comes from the archives of the Order housed in the National Library of Malta. The results of this project, it is hoped, will not only contribute to our knowledge about the island under the Order, but will also illuminate the Byzantine structures on which the Hospitallers based their own rule. It is planned to publish the relevant documents, together with an introduction, gazetteer and maps.

For further information please contact Mr Michael Heslop, The Hellenic Institute, Royal Holloway, University of London.



Rhodes, the entrance to the port and the road taken by the Knights Hospitaller