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We offer the following courses and programmes of study:

MA Programmes

  • MA Late Antique and Byzantine Studies: An intercollegiate University of London programme taught jointly with King's College London, University College London and Birkbeck College. This programme is designed especially for those who are interested in progressing to doctoral research in Late Antique and Byzantine studies. It also aims to relate the history of Late Antiquity and Byzantium to the wider world.
  • MA History: Hellenic Studies: This course aims to give students from various backgrounds the opportunity to have an overall view and appreciation of Greek history and culture embracing the Homeric and Classical ages, the Hellenistic and Roman world, the Byzantine and Post-Byzantine periods, and the modern world. Its diachronic and interdisciplinary nature enable students to examine the elements which characterise Hellenic culture through the centuries, at the same time acquiring a deeper knowledge of a certain period and discipline, including philosophy, history, law, religion, theatre, language, literature, papyrology and palaeography.
  • Other MA Programmes: Students can also register at Royal Holloway Classics Department for MA in Ancient History, MA in Classics, MA in Classical Art and Archaeology, and MRes in Rhetoric and Oratory.

MPhil/PhD Studies

Studentships, Bursaries and Prizes

Students applying for the above MA and MPhil/PhD programmes are eligible to be considered for Hellenic Institute Studentships and other awards.

Modern Greek Courses



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